SIZE : L=45 x B=31x H=10.5 MM

Natural Moldavite Pendant



"The Holy Grail Stone"
The energy of this Moldavite is superb. This stone is of nice quality with great texture, color and luster.
Moldavite is a tektite, and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration. In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfillment of wishes.
This mysterious green talisman is star-born, formed from nature's violent meteoric impact with Mother Earth. This beautiful stone is rare, found only in Czechoslovakia, and is named for the area in which it is found, near the Moldau River (called the Vltava in Czech).
Moldavite is good for counteracting cynicism and connects even the most world-weary adult with the wonders of the universe. It eases away doubts, even when the cause is unknown, and calms worries about money by providing solutions not previously considered.
Carrying or wearing Moldavite in jewelry allows its energies to remain in one's vibrational field throughout the day strengthening its effects and increasing the incidents of beneficial synchronicities in daily life. Because of Moldavite's intense vibration, some may experience light-headedness or a lack of grounding and may need to acclimate themselves gradually to wearing it.

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Natural Moldavite Pendant, Natural Moldavite Necklace, Green Color, 925 Solid Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant, SIZE=1.77", 16-RI828

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