SIZE : L=43x B=20 x H=4 MM

Sonora Jasper


This gorgeous semi precious gemstone cabochon is known as Sonora Sunset or Sonora Sunrise. The mostly solid red designer cabochons are sometimes called Crimson Cuprite.
It is a combination of Chrysocolla (blue-green and black) and Cuprite (red) - It has been called the Stone of Empowerment and Freedom.
This stone is really a rarity in Nature. The rough of this material (mined in Mexico) is extremely expensive, and only a portion of it has the colors as strong and vivid as these. All gems are cut and polished using Traditional Gem Cutting method.
This gemstone is beautifully polished and has beautiful satin-finish.
It can help those that feel stuck in their daily routine as it helps one to gain control and acknowledge our empowerment during difficult situations and bring about the empowerment of the Self. It brings passion to help make the most of each situation.
It is a good stone for those seeking change as the energy of the stone can bring new found freedom. Since it has a high content of copper it is a natural stone for healing. The healing properties can help us to aid humanity in these trying times. It can help open and connect the throat, base and sacral Chakras. Opening the base Chakra may help us to feel safe in our physical body, helping the life force energy to flow freely through the Chakras. Raising the frequency and strengthening the etheric body so that we are physically, mentally and emotionally strong. It can help us to have courage and increase our creative energies. It can help allow us to gently release stress, anxiety and fear.

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Sonora Jasper Pendant, Red Color, 925 Solid Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant, SIZE=1.69", 16-Ri1894

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