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Mookaite ,Pink Quartz, Black Onyx




Mookaite (also called Australian Jasper) is a powerful healing stone that helps provide stability to one’s perspective of life, helping make the right decisions based on objective knowledge. Mookaite connects one to the energies of the earth, allowing for a deeper connection to the eternal instinct of the spirit in human form. Working with Mookaite during meditation can help to connect with ancestors' spirits, bringing an intuitive understanding of the natural evolution of the spirit.

Mookaite Jasper is found only in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia in outcroppings near Mooka Creek, the area for which it is named. The Aboriginal term “Mooka” means “running waters” and refers to the numerous springs that feed into this area. Mookaite was formed as the skeletal remains of radiolaria, microscopic protozoa with a hard silica shell, were deposited over millennia as sediment in shallow areas of sea beds. As waters receded, the remains were solidified by additional silica carried in groundwater, along with minerals that produced its beautiful combinations of red, burgundy, mustard-yellow, cream, white, brown, mauve and purple.

Healing properties of mookaite
Mookaite is often used to treat glandular or stomach disorders, hernias, ruptures and water retention, and yoga enthusiasts use it to balance and open the first, second and third chakras.

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